Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hi , Sanjana

I am very much happy with you effort to link the youth with NGO's, This is a much appreciable effort and therefor i would like to feature this on my news that viewers of Maharashtra can also join you & help you to spread the word & you get more volunteers. before that i would like to meet you & discuss the things with you. So drop me an email or text where we can meet & discuss , how we can shoot the story.

Waiting for your reply


Ganapatye Mayuresh

(Reporter, Star Majha news channel )

Mobile :- 9833414599

* Note :-(We are the number one marathi channel in Maharashtra 'Star Majha')

Hi Sanjana !

I am Rahul Singh, I am an entrepreneur in the field of I.T. for a long time I wanted to join an NGO which works in the field of child education specially in computer education. But because of lack knowledge about NGO's I didn't... Today through Navbharat Times I came to know about you and really I am impressed with your work. It is our duty to serve our nation in any manner. I would be glad if you suggest me an NGO for the above said matter.

Waiting for your reply... Once again best of luck for your work.

Rahul Singh
Mob: 09871154081
Ph: 011-27371532 / 27403477

I have gone through your web site.
Pls accept my all the best wishes for the great noble cause.
I would like to suggest U one thing...
Pls make people aware to donate their kids' old cycles /bags/ scooters/motor cycles to needy people.
I have seen and U must have seen in various building premises that Number of such vehicles and other useful stuff just lying and converting in scraps.
Even people put a lot of preserves things for nothing and these can be given to needy people.
Pls visit our Hindi Site and give ur valuable feedback.
Thanks and regards,
Chandrakan Joshi
Satellite Media
932 42 49 528

Kotak Education Foundation- Email response

Dear Ms.Sanghi,

First of all would like to congratulate you for taking such a great initiative for connecting teenagers to NGO’s . We at Kotak Education Foundation would like to get associated with you. Please let us know how to take it forward. I am attaching the ppt of our organization and we can collaborate at different levels as discussed in the ppt.

Look forward to hearing after reading your website article on Hindustan Times

Thanks and Regards,


Manager- Corporate Networking,


B-3, 3rd Floor, XLNC Chambers,

Plot No. 408-A, Sion Trombay Road,

Chembur, Mumbai 400 071

022-25296631, 9322304704


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Encouraging email response

Hello Sanjana

My Name is Arun .

I am contacting you on behalf of the Teenager magazine and a programme
called the Teen of The year.

we would like to see if there is a possibility of associating with your work

Can I have a number where I can call you and speak.

alternatively you are free to call me on 09820668433



Projects co-ordinator
The Teenager

spreading the initiative - Email response

Hello Sanjana !

I read about your website - a fantastic idea! God bless you, beta. I wish there was a similar initiative in Hyderabad. I am thinking of starting one here along the same lines. If you can help me in any way I'd greatly appreciate it.

A truly wonderful way to get children to reach out - to real people (not just video games, computer games etc)

God bless you and all the children who are following your lead. More strength to you.

Jesus is the Only Saviour

Believe Him, Trust Him, Love Him.

Love and God bless

Email responses

Hi Sanjana,

I read your article in Hindustan Times dated 18th Oct.,2010.I read that you have also worked with Akansha Foundation before.I am currently working with Teach for India(Akansha Foundation) as an IT intern.I would like to know if there is any support that I can provide by means of IT(For example, any particular software if present feel might assist in your working).Also kindly add your contact details so that we can have a discussion over this online.

Thanking you.

Kshitij Shah
(Final Year,Computer engg,
Mob. no. 9879471733)